The Ella Mental Cast

Ella Mental:  Me; a 35 year-old author, wife to Mi Hombre, mother to the 4 legged beasts, and stepmom to Super-girl.

Mi Hombre:  Hubby; a 39 year-old creative loafing, dashingly handsome, dedicated husband to moi and father to Super-girl.

Super-girl:  Stepdaughter; a 7 year-old wickedly brilliant mini-adult with a flair for story-telling, art and experiments.

Frat Boy:  Dog; a 9 year-old thick in the head clumsy mutt heavy on love and belches.

Jitters:  Dog; a 6 year-old loyally attached at my hip, scared of her own shadow friend.

Queen: Dog; 14 year-old ornery old hag, faithful rock in my life and endless windbag.


Halitosis: Cat; 14 year-old, snaggle-toothed, foul mouthed fur-ball living on borrowed time.


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