Why Ella Mental?

I offer an counter-typical and multifaceted glimpse into the adventures of choosing Stepmotherhood.  It is my hope that the stories I share may cultivate a familiar sense of understanding and provoke discussions about the ever changing dynamics of stepmotherhood. 

I want Stepmother with Grace to be an advocate, another positive and proactive voice in the world of blogging for stepmothers. I hope that the blog, like other stepmom blogs, will create a bridge to the resources that fuel acceptance and support for all stepmothers today.

Although I am not a licensed counselor, I can offer guidance through experience on how to transition gracefully from being a single woman into the role of a Stepmother. Including my (not always) graceful ways of forging through the nuance of a re-marriage,  building a respectful relationship with the kid(s), dealing diplomatically with the ex wife and ultimately co-creating a homeostatic (step)Family.

Join me as I delve into the sometimes ugly and raw truth of the challenges that come with adapting from singlehood into the role of a Stepmother. Celebrate the success stories of lessons learned through my personal experience and support my blog as I persevere to change the wicked witch stereotype that all to often accompanies the title of stepmother.


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